How Do I Wear the World as a Loose Garment?

Eee Bee
How do I wear the wear the world as a loose garment? I'm trying to figure that out. Wearing the world as a loose garment of course is the name of this blog but that certainly doesn't mean I know exactly how to do that. It's still a life long work in progress for me, though I've learned a few things, and some important lessons along the way.

Being a cat lover, I watch my cats every day and they seem to provide some pretty good clues how to wear the world loosely. Yes maybe they simply lack awareness of the fact that they're even cats, but their main concerns are immediate, in the present moment. Food, comfort and most of all love is the focus for them.

I don't believe I'm so unlike cats. Those same concerns are mine too. The main difference being, I have a self-consciousness and the awareness of my mortality. In other words I think about how this life is all going to come to an end one day, and I don't know when or how. So I'm always trying to find ways to live my best life, and too to the fullest, and to not take life for granted and practice daily gratitude.

 Humans myself included, worry about the past, project into the future and have difficulty living in the present moment, which brings a lot of unhappiness if not misery for most of us at some time or another. Cats don't do this. They just seem to be content and happy hangin' loose in the present moment, getting their needs met and playing.

Cats aren't concerned or worried about financial insecurity, or getting a job. That's your job. They want you to do your job, which is keeping them fed and happy. Humans are responsible for their cat's happiness. And no one is responsible for a human being's happiness, but ourselves. The sooner human's figure that one out, the happier we are.

There are some grateful cats, usually the rescued felines. They seem to be the happier cats and appear to appreciate what you do for them. Not so much unlike cats, people who are the most grateful and practice acceptance, regardless of their situation positive or negative are mostly the happier human beings. I'm simply conjecturing here of course but I think there are some things to be learned from cats, other animals and children. Children are a lot like cats too, minus the hair balls and butt licking. Children don't worry, they eat, sleep a lot, love unconditionally and play.

 I'd like to conclude by saying that cats, animals of every kind and kids, have a lot to teach us about wearing the world as a loose garment, if we simply take and make the time to observe how they live, love and play in the present moment.

Best Friends - Showshe and Tommy Tom