Ten Steps to Happiness

Here's few thoughts I'm contemplating as I begin this New Year of 2018.


  1. Love that quote by Knost; life is indeed awful and awesome, heart-breaking and soul-healing - but worth it all!
    Is this a new blog you've started, Catherine? I like it. :)

  2. Hey Bev!Thank you for poppin' in!

    Me too Bev, I love that quote by Knost. It helped me through the very rough time in 2017 when loosing my two close friends to cancer. We all have to embrace the positive, and turn the negative into positive somehow. Otherwise we just drag those all the awful heavy heartbreaks around.

    Thank you so much for the feed back and I'm glad to hear you like it!

    Yes this is the new-old blog of sorts. It was my Happiness blog that I had with Wordpress. Seems you have to pay for Wordpress now, so I just decided to switch over to Blogspot and change the name and the theme some what.


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