Happy Saint Patrick's Day

March for me always means looking for and finding Pussy Willows. The Polish legend surrounding them greatly appeals to me because I am a cat lover and I love this story of these little "fur-buds".

There are legends and stories and then somewhere we find threads of truth.

Saint Patrick's Day is one such example. I heard an Irishman talking about this Catholic celebration that was mostly a religious day. St. Patrick was neither Irish, not did  he expel snakes from Ireland, as there were no snakes to be found on the Emerald Isle. And though green is always considered the colour represented on this March 17th, in actual fact the colour was originally blue. But does all this matter? Not really because on Saint Patrick's Day everyone seems to celebrate regardless of whether we are Irish or not. The Irish culture is very inclusive and this is a good reminder and an example of how we are all more the same as opposed to different. We are all part of the human race and creation, sharing the same human gene and we are all belong to the earth and to all it's living creatures and they to us.

I've been watching Muppets a long as I can remember. What I loved about them was they are evolving creatures rather human and creature like. They more often than not, don't share the same language but regardless you understand the message, it's about humour, compassion, humility, our shared humanity and mostly love for one another in spite of and because of our differences.

Here's the best version ever of Oh Danny Boy! Happy St. Patrick's Day!