Happiness Day The First Day of Spring

Wild Flowers - Egg Tempera - Catherine Meyers

 It seems like every day there's another added "Happy _ _ _ _ Day" added to the list. You can fill in the blank or make up your own.

And today it's World Happiness Day. Ironically considering there is a constant barrage of misery and extremely disturbing events happening throughout the world it's rather sad that we'd have to set aside a special day for happiness.

I don't know who came up with Happiness Day and frankly never heard of this one before.

Regardless of what's going on in our outer or inner world we all have to take responsibility for our own happiness within ourselves. Those superficial things like money or intelligence or even a love relationship isn't want brings happiness. Kindness is what truly brings a lasting happiness in life, not our intellect, nor people, places or things.

Happiness can be an illusive thing, and the more you try to get hold of it sometimes the more illusive it can become. I think it's a bi-product of living life with gratitude for the good, bad and the ugly.
It's the first day of Spring today. I wouldn't be so happy about it, if it wasn't for Winter and having wild flowers to look forward to!