Wearing the World as a Loose Garment

This is a Sea Iris, one of my very favourite flowers. Flowers help to remind me to make and take, the time to really enjoy the simple pleasures in life, through all my senses, and the Sea Iris is one of those special flowers that also reminds me to always remain hopeful about life.

Wearing the World as a Loose Garment is a kind of continuation of my Eudemonia/ Happiness blog with Wordpress that I no longer have. I've given it some thought about what I'd call this blog, and came to the decision to name it after a quote I love from one of my recovery books of daily readings. It's not uncommon to hear this quote in the 12th Step recovery rooms and is attributed to St Francis Assisi, my favourite Saint.

“Wear the world as a loose garment, which touches us in a few places and there lightly.” – St. Francis of Assisi.

So what exactly does this quote mean? It means detaching with love from the world, people, places and things. Not getting so attached that if and when we loose something precious,, and we all do and will sooner or later, we won't feel overwhelmed with grief and panic when it happens. This is what it's come to mean to me.
It took me lots of practice, because it seems to go against the grain and against our nature as human beings get attached, especially in our relationships because we are built that way.

And so I welcome you to my new blog and invite you to take the journey with me, wearing the world as a loose garment. I promise it won't always be an easy journey but it will be, well worthwhile.