I'll Call It Love

Clifton Rector's Bonn-E-Lass - Apple River Bar - Catherine Meyers 2017

The small historic Nova Scotia coastal community I've lived in for 23 years, has brought me many riches. Not in material possessions, but the wealth of the spirit such as joy, love, laughter and a great appreciation for those that live here and for the histories shared, that give a deep sense of belonging. I also found family here I never knew I had, which has also given me the sense of being part of something greater than myself, and I'll call it Love.

Not only is it a beautiful place geographically but the residents, are quick to extend kindness and generosity toward one another. Living in my community has helped me to understand charity, faith, right judgment, courage, hope, justice and the importance of family, friends and community.

There's a wonderful group of women friends whom I've come to know here, and love very much. We've several things in common. We love to laugh, share a meal together, sing a song, share fellowship, maybe have a dance and celebrate one another's Birthdays.

Today was a very special day at the new Old Church Cafe, where we had a Big Party for our beautiful mutual friend, and my neighbour, who's turning 80yrs young tomorrow. She's known by many, far and wide, and is a very much loved, beautiful soul.

Happy Birthday Louise!